Botanical Gardens Entebbe

The botanical gardens are situated along the shore of lake Victoria. Originally, this was a place for research in tropical plants. In the late 1800s, Europeans introduced tree species from other parts of the world especially tropical countries. The plants enjoyed the weather and flourished. Unique trees that make these beautiful gardens include the Canon Ball tree from Surinam. The Monkey puzzle tree from Australia is an iconic feature of the Botanical gardens. It grows really tall and resembles the Xmas tree. The Water berry tree or Jambolan was imported from India while the White Sapot or Mexican apple comes from Mexico. Both these trees produce sweet fruits hence frequented by monkeys and birds. The Malaysian Durian trees also have fruits that are sweet but are stinky. The Florida royal palms and the crocodile tree add beauty to these Botanical gardens.

The gardens are home to many birds such as the Black and white casqued Hornbill, the Egyptian Geese, the Black headed Heron, Pink-backed Pelican, Paradise Flycatcher and more.

On the other hand, the gardens are a habitat for primates like the Black and white Colobus, the Redtailed and Vervet monkeys.   

The thick tropical forest part of the botanical gardens has butterflies, frogs, snails and snakes.  Therein lies natural water spring with many frogs. Snakes like the Forest cobras come to feed on the noisy frogs.

It costs around 6 dollars to enter the botanical gardens. However, there are additional small charges for the camera or if you take a site guide. The gardens are open from 8 am to 8pm everyday.

Definitely, we recommend a nature walk through the serene botanical gardens. While here, you experience nature, breathe fresh air and enjoy the breeze from Lake Victoria.

Crocodile tree in the botanical gardens
Egyptian Geese feeding at the Botanical gardens
Birds of the Botanical gerdens- the Black and white Casqued Hornbill

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