While in Entebbe

Around Cycad Guest House Entebbe town

From the Cycad Guest House, there are quite a good number of things that you can engage in. Possible activities include a guided nature walk around the numerous fishing villages, landing sites, the Entebbe Botanical Gardens, or the nearby Wildlife Education Centre. Other interesting places such as the Mabamba swamp and Ngamba Island are captivating too. It is also possible to do a boat cruise on Lake Victoria as well as to go fishing on Africa’s largest freshwater, Lake Victoria.

What to do in and around Entebbe town
At Cycad, we provide you all the information on all the activities around Entebbe. We can as well arrange them for you if you so wish.
Historically, Entebbe town is the former Port Alice. This was Uganda’s main town during colonial times. Entebbe is located on a peninsular in Lake Victoria about 40kms south of Kampala-the capital city of Uganda. The only International Airport in Uganda is in Entebbe.

The ship that sails to Ssesse islands Entebbe